събота, 11 февруари 2012 г.

The cheese is boiled!~ XDD

Weeeell~~ I was challenged and I made it! While have dinner a few days ago XDD.. Well here is the kitty! Hope you like it guys~So I'm waiting for more requests and in this case here is a quick draw of a dog I did from boredom last night:

петък, 10 февруари 2012 г.


Hey! So this is my new blog! Here I will fill you guys in on the new things I draw and I hope you like them. Also I'll fill you in on new stuff that you wanna know of course. I'll tell you everything you want to know and well..oh What the muffin.. Just tell what you need and I'll help you~! Here is an anime i drew by myself I'll tell you about it later ;DDD

Ok so today went just normal. I woke up did my face mask, brushed my teeth and yadayadayada..boring stuff..mooooving on! So, While I was having my tea this morning and sirffing the waves of the internet sea, I found some interesting things. First I found a pair of AWESOME pictures of anime's and yes I like anime =.='' Who muffin' doesn't?! So I decided to draw them.. Well I'll upload my first anime..that I drew myself without internet help and it's the one up there ;DD ....I am SO proud of myself..honestly..Well after the drawing time I had.. I saw an ADORABLE nail style and I thought of what could go awesome with it and drew it..lol I'm so up to drawing these days..

So after that music came to my ears..I started to listen to a song called - Englishman in New York(remix!)- I had an EARGASM!! Yeah..So after that I listened to some old songs which I think are still pretty AMAZING! If you agree like, love and have a happy eargasm! Well..this is it for now! Any requests for drawing and I'm on it! Have a happy muffin day guys!