четвъртък, 8 март 2012 г.

Hey guys! I  know I haven't uploaded in a while, but I had some things happening here~.So anyway, right now, I am listening to rock, and yes I like rock, I also like pop,rap, country music, you name it! Well you I was listening to a rock cover of lollipop by lil and then I got an idea! What if I draw some portret! It could be nice~ AND I did! <3 It turned out awesome..well that's what the blog owner of lipgloss and jeans said, and she's my classmate, and you should check her blog! She's awesome~ I'm telling you! Go see there about make up, but mostly for nailpolish.. Moving on now~ I have something you might like, but I will upload it in a couple of days~ 
Well someone asked me about if I have a quizilla account? Yes, yes I do! My account name is TheSon4eto and I have made some popular things~. 
I was also asked if I could do another anime OC from DURARARA! Yes, sure I will do that for you, no problem sweetie~ 

Yeah, so music:
Well I will give you here some nice music that you can focus on drawing, belive me it helps. I finnish my drawings five times faster with it! So here are they:
If I die young-The Band Perry
Fireflies-Owl city!
Want U Back-Cher LLoyd (That is how her name is written it's not a mistake!)
You can listen to some classical music like Mozart symphony  No.8 or No. 39,No.6 or No. 1. They are all very nice to draw on. 
So if there is anything you want else, jsut contact me on twitter, facebook or quizilla! 

Ps. I love you all~ Have an awesome day! <3